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 How to install the plug-in(s) in Photoshop CS5 (Windows)
Article UPDATE: IMAGENOMIC RELEASES PORTRAITURE 2 PLUGIN FOR ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS5. See the Portraiture product page for details or download the updated version.

UPDATE 2: Imagenomic updates Noiseware and RealGrain Plug-in installers to support Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop Elements 8.

Please make sure to download and install the latest version of our plug-in(s), which are available at our Download Page. Imagenomic's current versions are fully CS5 compatible, including systems running Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64 bit.

Note, please, that support for 64 bit Photoshop CS5 is available on 64 bit Windows Vista and 64 bit Windows 7 only - on 64 bit Windows XP the plug-ins can be used only in 32 bit edition of Photoshop CS5.

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Created On: 02 May 2010 6:16 PM

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